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This past summer, Adia, along with a group of eight interns, installed a bee monitoring system for Michigan State University's-St. Andrews campus in Midland. It was composed of a Raspberry Pi and a small single board UNIX computer for each beehive. All sensors were connected to a Raspberry Pi module that was powered by batteries charged via solar panels. The system contained an additional Raspberry Pi that acted as a hotspot to provide internet access to the data collectors and researchers in the field. Adia plans on attending Spelman College in the fall and is undecided on her major. However, she hopes to expose underprivileged kids to STEM-related activities with sophisticated and simple resources in hopes that they strive in the vast amount of opportunities that come with their involvement. She foresees using technology to better the environment and the world around her. Adia is beyond grateful to be part of an inspiring community of women.