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Fatima is a junior attending Alhambra Senior High in Martinez, CA. With recently being appointed as her school district’s Student Representative, Fatima is highly motivated in knowing about all the events happening around her life, in her community, and those of the same age as her. With these motivations, she has recently started developing a website which aims to create a conversation platform where teens are able to civilly and seriously discuss and advocate for issues affecting her country. Growing up low-income, she has strived to find opportunities in which she is able to expand her knowledge leading her to attend fully-paid summer programs at Stanford and UCLA. Fatima has an interest in double majoring in areas revolving around her interests in computer science and social science. Because of this she is highly motivated in searching for the right colleges that not only provide chances for her to test out her interests but also offer opportunities after finishing college. In the future, Fatima hopes to be able to provide for her family and help her younger disabled brother attend college as well.