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Yingqi is a technology enthusiast, an altruist, and an optimist. “Use technologies to help people” are the five words to describe her passion. Through Kode With Klossy Camp in 2018, she created celeBRO, a website that helps people purchase gifts for their male loved ones. From computing courses at high school to #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE Program, she gained in-depth study of computer science. She challenged herself by participating in the Pennsylvania Math League and AIU Apprenticeship Programs in Biotechnology, Engineering, and Robotics. When she is not glued to the computer screen, she spends time contributing to her community as a junior mentor and a youth service librarian. Growing up in both Chinese and American cultures, she embraces diverse cultures as a president of Thai Exchange Program, Chinese Club, and International Education Week Organization. She also enjoys creative writing and performing arts. She earned Johns Hopkins Book Award, National Forensic League Degree of Merit, and Barnes & Noble local winner of the My Favorite Teacher Contest. Progressing into the next chapter of life, she is excited to focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence in college. But these aren’t giving you a lot of details, are they? Reach her by email