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Haley spent most of her high school years dreaming of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. Her senior year, she realized she really loved math and science and that she was good at it as well. She decided to change her route towards biomedical engineering. Because she was always focused on medical school, she didn't have much experience with technology. During her senior year, she created an informational video through programming on tuberculosis in Africa in AP Computer Science Principles. Throughout this process, Haley realized how much she enjoyed the combination of technology and health. Haley is also a part of the Health Science Academy and the vice president of National Math Honors Society to prepare for a biomedical career path. In the future, she would like to work on an orthopedic project such as prosthetics. Because her dad was in the army, veteran medical assistance is a very close cause to her heart. Ideally, she will be able to use her education in biomedical engineering to help soldiers in need of medical attention.