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Vireli first started getting into computer programming when she joined her school robotics club in 5th grade. Every year since then, she has participated in the FIRST Robotics organization in some way. She has been in various FLL and FTC teams. She is currently secretary and lead programmer in her local FIRST Robotics Competition team, the highest level available in the organization. Through this experience, she has learned skills in programming and manual machining and has had the opportunity to work on several big projects, such as an immersive audio-visual display. She has also volunteered as a referee at various robotics tournaments and recently coached an award-winning rookie team. On top of her background in robotics competitions, Vireli has been heavily invested in mathematics, winning several awards for both middle and high school in the Mu Alpha Theta competition. Her interest in robotics and in math has pushed her to pursue a career in computer sciences or computer engineering. She has already taken steps to accomplish this by learning some programming languages, including Python and Java. She plans to continue this interest, which has so far largely been facilitated through extracurriculars, through her course choices for the next couple of years, leading into a college major in that area. She is interested in aeronautics and chemical engineering as a major.