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At the age of 7, Aaliyah started the martial arts style of Shaolin Kung Fu at the Peaceful Dragon in Charlotte. She attended classes 3-4 a week over the span of 8 years, achieving her Junior Black sash. At age 12, Aaliyah joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) which is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force where cadets learn aerospace education, how to be better future leaders of America, and how to perform emergency services for state and local agencies as well as the federal government in natural disaster relief and search for those who are lost. Aaliyah has worked her way up in the ranks and is currently a Cadet Captain as well as the Deputy Cadet Commander at 111th Search and Rescue Composite Squadron in Charlotte. She is on the Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) which is where representatives develop their leadership skills while advising their commanders on ways to improve the cadet program at the group, wing, region, or national echelon. Through CAP, she has attended a Middle East Tennessee University Engineering Technology event. She’s gone to Maxwell AFB in Alabama for a Cadet Officer School, Seymour Johnson AFB for a Cadet Leadership School, has staffed and attended multiple encampments and has the NASAR and Land Search Field Team Member (NC- 8100) certifications to help search for a missing person. She has flown in Cessna 182’s and has worked firsthand with the technology associated in the glass cockpit. Also, she has flown in gliders, a plane designed to fly for long periods of time without an engine using flight instruments. Aaliyah has been awarded the 2016 Air Force Sergeants Association Award and 2017 Daughter of the American Revolution Award. As part of CAP, she also participated in the CyberPatriot program sponsored by Northrop- Grumman, gaining experience on how to use the Linux operating system as wells as further her knowledge in using Windows to protect a computer from viruses and hackers through cybersecurity. At her high school, she was a part of the freshman council and Spanish Honor Society in her sophomore year. To help gain more experience with computers, she took a Computer Programming class in her sophomore year and is currently taking AP Computer Science. In the future, she wants to major in computer science and go to a military college.