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Vivian is currently in the 11th grade in the Math and Science Academy at Dulles High School and continuously uses her STEM interest to motivate others to join the same field. She has also participated in the Kinkaid EMSI (Engineering Math and Science Institute) for the last three years, earning the student excellence awards the past two years, and graduating the program with the most distinguished level of achievement: High Honors. Taking these courses, she was able to learn how to use computer programs such as SketchUp, CAD, Lego Mindstorm, and basic Java coding. Due to these courses, she decided to expand on her computer science knowledge and take the AP Computer Science course in her school to learn how to code on a greater application level. Because she wants to be an engineer in the future, she would like to learn how to use coding and other technological advances to improve the standards of life in important fields such as medicine. As she learns to code to a greater level in her class, she feels accomplished by every successful lab that she coded herself and feels a connection to the piece she has written to execute. Her passion for technology always shines through with excitement and an eager attitude to learn!