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Delilah is a fun loving outdoorsy girl who lives in Homer Alaska. She has straight A’s, plays all kinds of sports, loves to travel and is into hiking, fishing and camping. Technology wise she has not done the most in the world because her town does not offer much. She has done a few quarter long technology programs at school; but those barely scratched the surface of what she wants to know. Delilah has also been to a few maker programs at the Homer public Library. Most of her experience though has been learning technology so she can teach it. Delilah has been a teen helper at a girl scouts overnight coding/robotics camp and was an teen instructor for a week long Girl Get IT camp with her friend Olivia. Delilah personally helped teach the girls binary, robotics, computer components and so much more over that week. She also learned so much from Savannah and Ashley who came up to Alaska to run the camp. The next year Olivia and her ran the camp by themselves and it was a huge success. She did not have many technology opportunities when she was younger and wants girls growing up in Homer to have camps and ways to learn about technology. Though Delilah is only a sophomore she knows she wants to go to college. She does not know what she wants to study yet but she knows that it will have technology in it.