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"Statistics can help to identify how best to redefine opportunities in your community" Martha, a student presented the results of her study to local officials and community leaders which demonstrated that segments of the teenage population were at a higher risk of negative long-term outcomes due to lack of positive connections and networks to work and internship programs as youth. She is working on a mobile application called "instaJOB" for her Girl Scout Gold Award that will help to connect teens and college age kids to job shadowing opportunities with local municipalities, online job training and entrepreneurship resources as well employment with local businesses. It is her hope to bridge the economic divide in her community by using mobile app development and technology to create linkages for minority youth to the world of work. Martha has taken over 12 college credits in her high school years, and looks forward to attending college in the Fall of 2019. Where is anyone's guess right now, but she is drilling down to specific programs that can combine her love of statistics, her skills in building-construction and her passion for pole vault. Martha knows that there are big problems facing her generation; increasingly scarce resources, impact of global climate change, militarism, and poverty. She learned through her local Zonta Club that these issues have a greater impact on the lives of women and children. In her future she hopes to be a small part of improving outcomes for people in her community, by expanding opportunities for disadvantaged groups to participate in the economy. She feels strongly that society is missing valuable contributions to solutions and innovations if segments of the population are not engaged. She would like to study applied engineering with other creative people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences to help solve big problems using strong design to build more engaged communities of people helping the planet survive.