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Claire’s interest in programming is linked to her love of design. Last year, her interest in computing led her to apply for an apprenticeship at Shodor, a nonprofit resource for computational education in Durham, NC. She worked at Shodor for three Saturdays each month during the school year and then six weeks during the summer for a total of 260 hours of apprenticeship. At Shodor, she learned scientific modeling and real world applications using Excel, Vensim, and AgentCubes; she also learned HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and parallel computing concepts. Shodor bolstered her love of programming and convinced her that it is something she would like to pursue as a career. In the future, Claire would like to solve the problem of Internet accessibility for the disabled and those who are not “computer savvy.” Over time, the world is becoming more and more reliant on the Internet, but interfaces are not always laid out in an efficient way. They act as barriers for people to accomplish their goals. Claire would like to design websites and tools to make computer interfaces easier for ordinary users, especially those with little experience in computing, like the elderly. Claire would also like to work on making websites accessible for the disabled, especially the blind and deaf. Claire believes that people should not have to be experienced or abled to use the Internet.