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Olivia is a sophomore at Homer High School who loves to play guitar and sports. She participates in the basketball, soccer, and swim team at her school. She has lived in Homer her whole life and loves being outside. In the summer of 2018, she volunteered with Delilah Harris to help run the Girls Get IT! Alaska 2018 program at the Homer Library with Savannah Loeberger and Ashley Loeberger. Before 2018 she had done some 3D design and coding but didn’t have that much experience with innovative technology outside that area. During Girls Get IT Homer 2018, she and Delilah, helped both Savannah and Ashley Loeberger teach different parts of Innovative Technology including: soldering, HTML, 3D design, etc. She learned a lot and found out she had an interest in IT and wanted to continue the camp in Homer with Delilah. This past summer she co-lead the program with a few changes and the help of Neviya Reed and Fiona Hatton. She enrolled in her high school's first Computer Science class this year and plans to co-lead Girls Get IT! Alaska again next year. She hopes that more girls will become involved in the program and that the program will continue for years to come. Her future plans include diving deeper into technology, going to college, and traveling the world.