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Aditi is is a junior at Tesla STEM high school. She is an avid learner of science and technology with a focus on how innovative applications of data analysis and green technologies can benefit the environment and help people in need at the same time. Her involvement in projects like designing biodegradable fish hooks, and off-grid, low cost compost toilets and, analyzing the degradation of the local Duwamish River using satellite imagery and geographic data is her way of furthering her love of engineering and design while working towards causes she is most passionate about. Additionally, Aditi has explored the areas of electrical and mechanical engineering through an internship at Data i/o, where her skills of circuitry and coding were applied to troubleshoot and test industrial grade robots that code logic devices- used in almost any kind of electronic device today. Aditi is also a Western Aerospace Scholar, as she successfully completed both, the sophomore and junior programs. She was also invited to a residency at the Museum of Flight for exemplary contribution throughout the course.