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Alana is a junior attending Green Mountain High School. She had a 4.5 GPA in her freshman year, and is currently still on the honors plus AP track. Currently, she still holds an above 4.0 GPA. Alana wants to pursue a field in Microbiological Sciences/Biomedical Engineering at a 4+ year college, hoping to achieve a doctorate's degree as well as a Medical Degree. She also hopes to attain a Medical Degree in order to work with patients directly and help treat them. She wishes to work and research cure/treatment options for cancer. One of Alana’s greatest accomplishments is being in a college level engineering class, which tasks the students with college level work to design a prototype of a solution to a problem they chose by the end of the semester in December. This class has broadened her opportunities to learn more about engineering, group work, and so much more but it has also allowed her to make some connections as the class required interviewing outside professionals. Another great accomplishment Alana had was receiving a high score on her AP Computer Science Principles Exam, after going through some tough spots throughout the year-long class her efforts paid off in the end.