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Azalia is an aspiring first generation biomedical engineer or cybersecurity researcher. Currently, she is a junior at Manor New Technology High School in a project-based learning STEM academy in Manor, Texas. She was captivated by the opportunities and utilization of skills that computer science granted her at a young age, programming her first robot at the mere age of 11 years old. Her greatest technical accomplishment to date, was being the youngest winner of the 4th annual diversity hackathon at Huston Tillotson University, and being awarded a summer internship at cybersecurity start-up Threatcare. In the internship, she learned about the various facets of the industry, such as penetration tests, which tests vulnerabilities in computer networks; assisted in the design of advertisements that were featured on the company’s website; and helped develop collaborative back-end programming for the company’s flagship product which was released on the market in September 2018. In the future she would like to pursue a Master's degree in biotechnology or computer science. She would love to use the degree to write secure software programs allowing for safer social media, or create the world's first self-sustainable artificial heart.