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Abigail is a junior in highschool, involved in the technology, science, and math department at her school. She is currently a tech advisor for any underclassman that needs help at coding or computer problems. She also serves as a TA and a tutor for Honors Geometry students. Abbie is also involved in the IT club and the EPICS club (Engineering Projects in Community Service). Both of these clubs promote using technology and innovation to help those in need. Abbie is most excited by these clubs, for she wants to make an impact on the lives of others in the field that she pursues. Abbie is most proud in her position as the concert mistress of her orchestra (first chair). This is a leadership role that requires a lot of practice and responsibility to ensure the success of her orchestra. This leadership skill is something she wants to carry over into her college and career. When the time for college rolls around, Abbie is considering a major in engineering or computer science. She is also keeping her joy as a violinist as a hobby, or as a minor. Abbie currently does not know she wants to attend college, but she is hundred percent planning on going.