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Ha is a scholar that enjoys taking on new challenges and new experiences. She believes you can never learn unless you wear your “go for it” shoes. Go for it when you’re scared, go for it even if it's unfamiliar to you, go for it because the opportunity is there. She lives by this mentality, always seeking for different aspects in life that are unknown to her. Because of this attribute, she is able to learn about her interests while getting awarded for them as well. For instance, Ha attempted Debate in September for the first time ever, having no idea about the criteria involved. Just from observations and practice, she was able to get a 3rd place award within a day, compared to students who have been in the competition for years. She also tried a SECME essay competition that focused on illustrating her life experiences and how that influenced her STEM career of interest (Biomedical Engineering). With a very phenomenal essay, she was able to win 1st place in SECME against other students within the area of Houston. Ha even attempted to apply for a rigorous physic curriculum, located at Rice University. With much success, she was able to attend the 2-week program that only accepted 25% of students, based on their exemplary GPA and character. Without hesitation, she took the courage in also applying for EMERGE, and got in this selective program that seeks for students with perseverance, coming from disadvantaged families, being a first generation student, while also carrying leadership qualities. Her teachers and peers know her as a go-getter, willing to face obstacles and willing to strive within her academics. Since they saw this within Ha, the Journalism Department in school nominated her as the first "Student of the Month" candidate. Her classmates also nominated her as Vice President, due to her nature of guiding those in need of assistance, which is of great help for anyone running as President. Nevertheless, she is resilient and always make room for perspectives and understanding.