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Up until age five, Effie attended Montessori school. She moved to Litchfield when she was five years old and is currently a ninth grade student at Litchfield High School. Effie was first introduced to coding at the age of ten, when she decided to try something new, and she attended her first hack-a-thon at Random Hacks of Kindness Junior. She enjoyed her first experience and decided to explore further. Her parents signed her up for ID Tech summer camp at Trinity College in Hartford. Effie found technology creative and exciting and discovered a new passion that later become her dream. She started looking for more technology-related opportunities, but, unfortunately, nothing was available in her area. Her mom had an idea to check out a local community college. She had an interview with the admissions office at Naugatuck Community College, took a placement test for High School students and was registered as a student at the age of twelve. Effie was taking Java class after school and her mom had to be present due to her age. She learned a lot about the wonders of coding and completed her Java class with an A minus. Effie’s other interests are animation, art, sailing, and learning about different cultures. She spends every summer in Greece with her relatives. She has a chinchilla Chichi. Her biggest dream is to attend college, become a computer programmer and use technology, animation, and art skills in her future career.