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Bianca is a senior from University High School and is an aspiring computer scientist. Two years ago, she discovered her passion from computer science by taking her first CTE class. Taking this introductory course brought in a new light in her like never before, motivating her to continue her studies in technology. Her interest in coding and computer science had led her to become an officer for Future Business Leaders of America, a business based program that allowed her to learn not only about computer science but as well as leadership. She is also involved in CyberPatriot, another club that focuses on computers and cyber security. In the summer of 2018, Bianca had the opportunity to get involved in her community and volunteered at the technology makerspace, known as the iSpace, in the Science and Engineering Library at the University of Arizona. She grew her knowledge on computer science by working with other individuals at this makerspace and got to teach the backgrounds of virtual reality to groups of students. This led her to receive an internship at the iSpace for the entirety of senior year. She is currently learning more about emerging technologies such as VR, 3D printing, laser cutting, and demonstrating woman empowerment in the computer science field. This internship is also allowing her to start up on creating projects and connecting her computer science comprehension at school to other pieces of technology. With the experiences that Bianca has had, she wants to enrich her understanding in the meanings and logistics within computer science and programming; therefore, she is seeking to major in computer science for college. Bianca's dedication for computer science will only get stronger as she moves forward in the future.