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Delaney is a sophomore at Russell High School and recipient of the 2019 NCWIT State Affiliate Award. She is heavily involved in extracurricular activities, which include: Academic Team, Future Problem Solving, KEY Club, FBLA, Girls Who Code, Chick-fil-a Leader Academy, Y-Club, and President of STLP. Delaney received the Speaker of the Year Award at the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA) Conference, for her speech on the economic crisis in Venezuela. She has also competed at the National History and Geography Bee. Technology has always been a crucial part of shaping Delaney into who she is today. This began with her introduction to STLP in the second grade, making the 2019-2020 STLP season her ninth year of being involved. Since then, Delaney has worked on five showcase projects, in which one has spanned over three years. In 2018, she worked with her friend who has special needs and won second place over their Digital Storytelling entry, while also making it into the top 50 at the STLP State Championship for her project “Blasting Off With CanSat.” She has been working on this project for the past three years, and has accomplished the collaboration of a lifetime; working with Kentucky’s leading Space Science Center at Morehead State University, to complete a weather balloon launch. The data collected by the CanSat satellites, gave Delaney the opportunity to show her skills in computing. These nine years in STLP have allowed Delaney to meet and be noticed by many people, which include Representative Thomas Massie and Kentucky Commissioner of Education, Wayne D. Lewis Jr. Not only has Delaney learned to compute data from the satellites, but she has also learned what it takes to be a leader in the STEM/STEAM Community. The most notable accomplishment to date is creating a leadership showcase project called STEMinists CAN! The STLP platform has given her the opportunity to empower girls to enter the technology and computing fields. In February, Delaney taught a group of girls how to code and program Raspberry Pi’s to show their creativity. She plans to work with her local Girl Scout Troop to host another Code Club. Delaney is currently working on building her own CricketSat Satellites, to display at the KY STLP Regionals and State Competitions. Through her journey with technology, Delaney has discovered that she is passionate about making a difference using technology and discovering new concepts, that she can turn around and add her own creative twist. Delaney plans to continue what she loves beyond high school, Information Technology and Civil Engineering.