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Aubree has dedicated her life to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to discover their talents in STEM. She is an advocate for expanding the STEM community, not only in Southern Utah, but across the world. Some of the highlights of Aubree’s experiences includes being a presenter at the Bay Area Makers Faire as a representative of the tech company Cognizant and attending the Worlds Robotics Competition. This year, she has had the amazing opportunity to discover her own talents through being voted in as the Team Captain of her robotics team, The PrestidigiTaters. By leading this team, Aubree has found new hobbies and has increased her reach in connecting with all members of her community. Aubree was able to code a complete autonomous that worked every time during competition. Aubree and her team were able to participate in the Utah State Robotic Championship and were awarded the Connect Award for their influence in their community and helping others to learn more about STEM opportunities. Through robotics, Aubree discovered that she deeply enjoys programming, which she has been doing since she was 12. This love has inspired her to want to study Aeronautical Engineering in order to help program fighter jets in the future. Aubree hopes to continue her STEM outreach and encourage everyone to find their passion. Aubree is honored to be a part of Southern Utah’s NCWIT program!