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Currently, I teach Algebra 2 and Computer Science A at Hobbs High School. I am presently completing a Masters in Education Administration in Eastern New Mexico University. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Secondary Education and also earned 42 units in MS in Computer Science in the Philippines. There, I taught mathematics and computer courses for Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Allied Health students before moving to Virginia as a high school math teacher. Coming to the US opened up many opportunities for me to advance my educational background. Being in the classroom with students and communicating with my peer teachers, brought to my attention the academic frustrations that motivates to continually improve my craft. I am constantly looking for updated methods, innovative ideas, new strategies, and recent resources that are better suited for the needs of my classroom. I attend trainings, seminars, and conferences all over New Mexico in order to keep with the current trends in education, both academically and culturally. All of these elements not only benefit me, personally, but help me participate in professional and collaborative conversations. Through these conversations I am able to share my knowledge and resources to students, colleagues, school and community.