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Aarthi is a senior at Cox Mill High School. She is an aspiring engineer, who is interested in becoming an innovator. Her love for robotics and computers have influenced her to dive deeper into computer science. Aarthi has attended North Carolina's School of Science and Math Summer Ventures Program at East Carolina University where she had the opportunity to learn about biomedical engineering, CAD, and 3D printing. She designed and wrote a paper about the possibilities of 3D printed materials and IoT sensors can have to solve the World Water Crisis. In addition to design research, Aarthi has also interned at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as a Lab Research Assistant where she researched potential solutions for lung cancer through the use of nanotechnology. Aarthi plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in computer science and/or computer engineering. Specifically, Aarthi is interested in robotics, artificial intelligence, and biomedical engineering. In college, Aarthi hopes to explore the various fields of engineering and use her knowledge to innovate solutions to global crises.