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Alice is a high school senior from metro Atlanta who’s obsessed with coding. She first learned about computer science in an introductory technology course in her freshman year, and she spent the summer before sophomore year teaching herself Java from her brother’s textbook. Since then, Alice has coded in Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, and C and spends many sleepless nights continuously learning and improving. Alice is also taking dual enrollment math classes at Georgia Tech -- currently, in our combinatorics class, she’s learning how graph theory can be applied to algorithms. Alice is now working to inspire other girls to pursue engineering and computer science. She founded a chapter of Girls Who Code at her school and started a free coding camp for girls in her local town. Through the NCWIT community, she discovered Reinvented Magazine, the nation’s first print publication for women in STEM, which was actually started by past NCWIT AiC awardees! She’s now an executive writing director for Reinvented and hopes to share the stories of women in STEM. Alice plans to pursue a degree in computer science in college, and she's interested in studying artificial intelligence, data science, and programming language theory. Alice’s dream is to become a software developer and help code a more equitable world.