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I am a CS Educator at Dublin Jerome High School. I teach the following courses: Intro to Computer Programming, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. I have several degrees in the areas of Biology and Computer Science. They include a BS in Biology from Denison University, BS in Computer Science from Franklin University, an M.ED in Instructional Technology from Ohio University, and an MSCS in Computer Science from Franklin University. I am considering pursuing a Ph. D. in Computer Science/Engineering Education. During my time at Dublin City Schools, I have served as FIRST Robotics and FIRST Lego League advisor. Currently, I am the Jerome Tech Club advisor, head advisor of our competitive programming team divisions, and advisor for our Girl's Tech Club. As a child from Appalachia, My goal as an educator is to encourage my students to reach for the stars, have access to the best curriculum that is equitable, culturally, and historically responsive to the needs of my students. I am very proactive in making sure all students have access to a computer science education, regardless of their gender, race, and ability level. CS is for ALL students. I encourage my students to work on their legacy that they leave our school. We never know how the ripples that we leave can affect others.