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Her name is A'Zhariya and she is currently in the 11th grade at the Alabama School of Fine Arts (Math/Science Specialty) in Birmingham, AL. She is a 16 year old with a passion for computer programming because it challenges her to critically think. It also allows her to express her creativity. A'Zhariya's greatest technical accomplishment to date was being able to successfully program a security system for her C/C ++ Linux class in BASH script that would require the user to input their information into her database to see if it was her and if it was not A'Zhariya, then the program would implement a security question that would determine whether or not they would be able to access her information. She plans to further her knowledge in computer programming and technology until her heart is content. She hopes to become a zoologist or a engineer in the future ! She is unwavering in her plans to attend college and once she gets there, she would like to continue learning computer programming !