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I’m going to be talking to you about an amazing young lady full of dreams and goals, her name is Briana. She is nothing but the best when it comes to academics and sports. She gives her best at everything, working far and beyond to accomplish all tasks that come her way. She is a determined young lady that sets short term and long term goals for her. She understands the value of setting goals in her life, because this has allowed her to set priorities and work with time management to accomplish all goals, achieving nothing but satisfaction and great accomplishments. Briana knows that the road towards such accomplishments is not easy; she has had to overcome many obstacles and endure challenges. Definitely this has made Briana the strong young lady that she is. Since she was a young child, her parents viewed something special in her. At a young age she was such an active child and couldn’t wait to be part of a team. Since the age of nine years old she became so involved in sports, making “volleyball” one of her greatest passions. Sportsmanship instill in her one of her greatest strengths which is being a team player. Briana is always willing to help others in her team and most important learn from role models. She is a great speaker but also a great listener to the advice she received from her coaches, teachers and mentors. She takes all tasks far and beyond to her fullest potential. Managing academics and sports has been a great challenge for Briana. This young lady not only posses great character in working with others but she is also dedicated to all her responsibilities in and out of school. Briana has been able to manage her time wisely by staying involved and committed to academics, sports and extracurricular activities. I few years ago she had the great opportunity to join her mother at a Super-Computing Challenge event at Socorro Technical College at Socorro NM. She was only ten years old when she was introduced to the great paradigm of Engineering, Math and Science. Having her mother as her own role model, has given her the strength and knowledge in these core subjects. She appreciates and values the significant contributions that science and technology offer our world. At a young age she would accompany her mother to several STEM meetings and workshops, these experiences gave her a broad perspective and instill in her great interest for this field. Briana was already collaborating with young boys and girls older than her performing science experiments and robotics. In summer of 2015, once again Briana was engaged in a program called Physics of Aviation. She attended the event with her mother, making at an enjoyable experience in how technology in the modern flight simulation works. Briana was fascinated to learn and experience technology in the flight simulation industry; she had the great experience in building her own rocket. At this moment she knew that science, math and engineering were part of her life forever. Once again she made STEM another great strength in her life. Due to her participation and attendance in these events she was cordially invited to attend the summer of 2016 by the National Association of Rocketry in Las Cruces New Mexico, making this a memorable experience for her. Currently Briana is a young leader that is motivated and passionate about her studies and sports. This young lady received the MVP award for volleyball during her freshman year at El Paso High School. She also belonged to the elite volleyball team in 2015-2016. During the 2016-2017 school year she was also awarded the academic of excellence award for her achievements in English. Overall Briana is an extraordinary young lady that is well focused and determined to achieve nothing but success in life. Self-discipline, dedication and endurance are here greatest strengths that have guided her to achieve all her goals. She carries herself with great character, portraying good morals and behavior that her parents have instill in her. Currently Briana is taking STEM classes at El Paso High School as a sophomore. Her future goals are directed in attending college to fulfill a degree in science and technology. Briana is fascinated with technology and health industry, she wants to become a diagnostic zoography tech and perform medical ultrasounds. She wants to attend The University of Texas at El Paso and obtain her Bachelors Degree. Miss Briana wants to give back to her community by converting herself into an educated young lady and productive citizen in this savvy tech world.