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Maaya is high school junior who has been involved with CyberPatriot, Girls Who Code, Girls GotGrit, and robotics. In the 6th grade, she joined her school’s robotics team where she was active in the building and driving. During the 7th grade, she took a computer course at her school which continued unveiled her passion for technology. Then in her Sophomore year, she became a founding member of Girls Got Grit where she was able to intern at a number of businesses to gain insight into computer programming, computer forensics, and business. Eventually, she joined her local Girls Who Code and CyberPatriots club where she picked up greater knowledge in programming and eagerly learned security protocols by participating are multiple competitions. Besides coding, she has also developed an interest in video editing and other forms of digital art; thus, leading to her cofounding a Digital Arts Club. Her interest in both computer science and art allows her to constantly use both sides: her right and left brain.