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As an aspiring policymaker and lawyer in the growing age of technology, Adalyn, a student at Colorado Academy, understands the increasing importance of a STEM education. Her experience thus far in mock trial and in history classes such as "Crime and Punishment" and "Urban Studies" have sparked her interest in government, law, and solving the already-developed and menacing problem of international and domestic terrorism. She is taking on high-level science and computer science classes because she fears that cyberwarfare biological warfare will dictate the future of war and terrorism. For these reasons, she is dedicated to securing a solid understanding of science and computer science before she embarks on her journey towards a future in policymaking and law. Additionally, she plans to study cyberethics and bioethics in college, along with political science, in furtherance of these goals. As a senior in high school, Adalyn has taken AP Physics and multiple innovations classes. She’s also won awards in innovations contests such as Graland's Gates Innovation Competition, built prototypes in maker-space camps, and won academic excellence awards in both math and science. The summer before her senior year, she interned for an international technology startup and helped colleagues in Isle of Man, Africa, and Malaysia further develop their virtual investment app. With this rigorous schedule and extracurricular lineup, she’s maintained a A-average. While she has a well-developed foundation in STEM fields, she has also faced much success in classes and programs more closely related to policymaking and law, such as mock trial. In her Junior year of high school, her mock trial team finished the season undefeated, securing championships in both the regional and state tournaments, and she won a best attorney award at the regional tournament. Senior year, her team won the regional tournament again, and she won a best attorney award at the State Tournament. These experiences only fueled her to learn more about the crossroads of STEM and policymaking. As a well-rounded student, Adalyn understands that science and social studies must begin to work in tandem, as the future of war, terrorist, international relations, and law may well depend on a strong foundation in these fields on the part of politicians. She hopes to act as a bridge between the science and policymaking worlds, and in doing so, ensure a better future for each an every one of us.