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Adithy is currently a senior at BASIS Chandler. This past summer, she was a research intern at the University of Victoria Tissue Engineering Lab where she tested the molecular effects of yoga on 3D printed Alzheimer’s tissue. Her work is pending publishing in the Cells, Tissues, and Organs scientific journal, and she will be speaking at the International Tissue Engineering Conference in December. During summer 2017, Adithy interned at MST Solutions, a company that specializes in customer relationship management (utilizing, where she learned the inter-workings of business and technology while learning Java programming. She hopes to mend her love of creation, biology, and computers together in whichever field she decides to pursue. In her free-time, she works on her blog and YouTube channel combining her artistic talents and video/photo editing skills through Final Cut and Wordpress. At her school, Adithy manages the Girls Varsity Basketball Team, and is an avid member of the Red Cross Club. As part of her community outreach, she actively raises money for “Helping Hands for Freedom” (HHFF), an organization that provides support for the military children of fallen and wounded veterans, by distributing her artwork. Further, she tutors Math to students from K-12 at Mathnasium. Internationally, she has co-founded “Little Angels of Mysore”, an organization that has adopted a school in India for underprivileged children to fill the gap in computer literacy. She has accomplished this by raising funds to donate computer hardware and software, as well as hire qualified teachers to help them thrive in this fast-paced technological world.