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Yesenia is a senior at Santa Maria High School. Although her school doesn't promote this, Yesenia has managed to learn how to create websites, art, and presentations using HTML and Java. She is attempting to learn Python and continues to learn more as she gets older so that she can create her own app. Coding is merely a part of Yesenia's life as she participates in eleven different clubs/organizations, speaks two languages ( is learning Italian) and is deeply passionate about helping others. She has also taken twelve honors and AP classes, Physics being one. Her future plans are attending a four-year university and studying Biology and Environmental Science with a minor in U.S. History. While studying, Yesenia would like to participate in research projects including technology to solve issues in the world. She later hopes to go into education to help high school students, primarily in low- income areas, explore the different benefits that coding/technology offers. She hopes to guide them into being first-generation students like herself. Through hard work, Yesenia hopes to share her interest in coding with others.