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Aletea first started exploring computer science through GameMaker in fourth grade, and the hour of code in middle school. In freshman year, she took game design, and later took Java sophomore year, C++ Junior year, and is now working on an individual project to interpret sign language with the Myo Armband. In both courses, she enjoys the hands-on teaching style, where she gets to learn the skills she needs and immediately develop programs. Some examples of programs she has written are an interactive story, sorting algorithm, mastermind, and a program that stores information that can be accessed and manipulated. She participated in NWAPW with a team developing a project proposal she had: a scheduling algorithm for schools. Currently, she is using the Myo Armband and Support Vector Machines to interpret sign language. As of right now, the program can accurately distinguish between A, B, and C when the gesture is held for a period of time. She aspires to major in biomedical engineering and minor in computer science in college. She is excited to explore bioinformatics, especially regarding genetics research. Just last year, she created an algorithm to analyze different human samples of mitochondrial DNA for her IB Biology HL IA, which revealed clusters of samples that were nearly 100% identical to each other, but around 30% similar to other clusters. The near-identical clusters suggest those individuals had a shared maternal ancestry, but there are many possible conclusions regarding the extreme differences between clusters.