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Havi Nguyen is a graduated senior from Ross S. Sterling High School in Baytown, Texas. She has a deep ambition to dive into the areas of technology and innovation. Ever since Havi wrote her first line of code in June of 2016, she has become addicted to learning new programming concepts and challenging herself by building applications. As Havi continues to expand her coding skills, she plans to use technology to advocate. Noticing the lack of interest and opportunities in the STEM field at her school, Havi started an interactive, experiment-based-learning Science Club. As president, she is using this platform to generate excitement for STEM subjects among students at her high school. Recently, Havi has designed and coded Goodbye World, a mobile iOS game that aims to shed light on environmental issues by immersing the player into critical topics. She has had the opportunity to demonstrate this app in San Francisco. Intertwining her passion for engineering, Havi conducted an independent-research project and exhibition on the eradication of child labor. Her exhibit has won the National History Day international title, has been featured in the Smithsonian museum, and has earned recognition from the Texas House of Representative and Texas State Board of Education. Havi yearns to continue raising awareness against this labor system in developing countries. Striving to improve her community and school Havi is involved as an officer in the International Club, National Honors Society, Student Council, and Photography Club. Her hobbies including playing the clarinet, photography, and binge-watching TED talks and random YouTube videos. Havi will attend Columbia University in New York City to major in computer engineering, economics, and entrepreneurship. She has a great desire to use knowledge from these areas to lead a company that will diffuse the advancement of technology to target social and environmental issues.