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Katherine is extremely dedicated. When there's anything that she really wants, she'll work extremely hard for it. She has known she wants to be a computer scientist for years, so she has curated her high school class selection towards this goal, and she has also joined clubs related to it. Her greatest technical accomplishment is competing with her Robotics Team and being able to successfully pitch ideas, build, and write code. In her junior year, Katherine was the principal programmer for her team, and currently, in her senior year, Katherine is the president of the team. Katherine will attend Carnegie Mellon University starting in the fall of 2018. She will be majoring in computer science. She hopes to have a concentration in either Artificial Intelligence or Robotics. Katherine is also very caring. She wants nothing more than to help people who are less fortunate. Her biggest goal is to create technology that will help people in second and third world countries. Her other future plans include volunteering for organizations that are dedicated to helping people all around the world.