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Jane is currently enrolled in the Health Sciences Academy at Bayside High School and in Advanced Software and Gaming Development at the Advanced Technology Center. She is the first person to ever be in those two academies at the same time. As of right now, she holds a place in the top 5% of her graduating class with a GPA of 4.23. As a senior with an Honorable Mention from the Great Computer Challenge and experience at the Virginia Commonwealth University's Java Programming Competition, she hopes to go to a reputable college and get her bachelor's in computer science. So far, all applications are in, and Jane is anxiously waiting for the decision to be made. After college, she plans to get a job as a computer programmer and expand her knowledge on several programming languages. Jane is determined to recruit more women into the fields of technology and computers. One day, you might even see her on the stage for a TedTalk or in a school auditorium.