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Marina is a 9th grader and is 15 years old. She very hard worker who strives for the very best. Some of her hobbies include cooking/baking (especially dishes from around the world), and all types of art but especially painting. Marina's mother has Venezuelan heritage, and has taught Marina how to speak almost fluently in Spanish. She has taken part in many clubs such as JSU (Jewish Student Union), MTS (Math, Technology, and Science), and TSA (Technology Student Association). In the club MTS she listens to career speakers from major companies and Universities to help her with future career plans. She also learns about a lot of the business side of Math, Tech, and Science. In TSA She competed in 6-8 different events each year, such as Bio-Engineering, Medical technology to Photoshop and editing related projects. She went to the state competition in Pittsburgh, PA twice and the national competition in Tennessee once and brought home many medals and ribbons. She is currently doing an internship at an organization called Kid Museum of Technology. At Kid Museum of Tech they teach kid from ages 3-12 many things surrounding tech, science, math, and art. Marina has taught a range of things like sauteing, 3D printing, circuit building, Morse code, power tools in a workshop, many different art projects, and so many more things. She is has knowledge in Scratch, html, and Python programming languages from learning in her computer science class at school. She has over 100 student service hours and continues to gain more from volunteering at the museum. Marina is very passionate about learning and is always eager to figure out something new. She intends on being an orthodontist as a future career plan and is excited to further her education to pursue her goals. After the first time Marina went to the dentist, she knew her dream job would be surrounding dental health. She has kept that passion ever since then. Her dream school to attend would be Temple University, due to their outstanding dental program, and love of the city of Philadelphia due to her growing up there. She would love to one day open a orthodontic practice of her own so she could learn to run a healthy and successful business. Finally, she would love to be successful and happy throughout her life, with a stable career that she cares about very much.