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Alexandra is a Sophmore at Code RVA Regional High School in Richmond, VA. She is currently in a dual enrollment program, working to complete high school as well as an Associates Degree in Computer Science. She loves mathematics, biology, engineering, and computer science. Alexandra has hopes of one day exploring a career in bio-engineering and discovering a way to prevent scoliosis and detect febrile seizures before they occur. Alexandra is most proud of her outreach to other girls of color in the areas of STEM. She recognized a lack of diversity and intentionally set out to become a leader. She organized and led a STEM workshop through her robotics team, introducing circuitry and robotics at a non-profit called Girls For A Change. She also volunteered at a one week summer camp introducing non- native English speakers to STEM. Alexandra co-taught a six week coding club at her local library, helping kids build their own website. Alexandra has volunteered her time at every presented opportunity to be a face and resource for other girls interested in STEM. This includes helping out at a workshop hosted by the Society of Women Engineers and various girl centered STEM talks in the metro Richmond area. Alexandra is most recently proud that she was able to secure a role as a student lab volunteer through VCU's Engineering School, under the Electrical & Computer Science Department. There she plans to absorb as much knowledge and skills in those fields as she can and hopefully share that knowledge back with others in her community. In the future, Alexandra is exploring offering a hybrid series of physics and computer science workshops this summer to youth in underserved communities. Currently, she is running a district-wide 4H STEM club for grades 3-6.