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Alice is currently a sophomore and was first exposed to programming in freshman year, when she took a Java Programming course at her school. She started gaining interest in programming and developed a game to help people of all ages in topics such as health and the human body. Although this was her first experience programming, she had been exposed to the lack of girls in STEM fields since elementary school. In several instances, she was greatly outnumbered by boys in competitions and other places. However, she did not let this faze her and continued pursuing her interests in male-dominated areas such as engineering and mathematics. Currently, her strongest passion is chemistry, and she hopes to apply and contribute her knowledge in computing to biochemistry research. In the future, she also aims to develop artificial intelligence that will be able to detect major chromosomal abnormalities early in pregnancy, or robots and programs that can detect rapid senescence that may lead to clues about Alzheimer’s Disease in its early stages. Aside from computing, Alice enjoys swimming. During her freshman year, she was on her school's JV swim team and currently holds the league record for 50 butterfly and the 4x100 freestyle relay. She now swims on the varsity team, and also enjoys playing French horn and dancing.