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Abby has taken AP Computer Science Principles and plans to take AP Computer Science Application next year. She expands her projects beyond the requirements into something practical and useful. Abby is also the president of the Girl's STEMming up club at her school. This is a girl's only coding group that holds coding events throughout the year. During her junior or senior year, Abby plans to go into either inter-city or charter elementary schools to introduce kids to STEM. She feels that kids are introduced to technology, code especially, too late and would like to give under privileged kids a chance to experience this amazing resource. Whether this is just girls, or girls and boys, kids shouldn't be held back from technology for so long. By teaching kids to code at an early age, unlimited possibilities are created that deserved to be explored. Abby plans on exploring these new options. She also incorporates computing and technology to other main aspects of her life.