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Abigail is high school junior. In seventh grade, she joined a science club, sparking her love for STEM. Every year since then, she has conducted original research projects. She became interested in computer science after learning about the large variety of societal issues that computer science can address. The summer before tenth grade, she began teaching herself Python over the summer and spent 320 hours under the guidance of a mentor co-writing a lexical analysis tool. The tool was used to analyze how support was offered in almost 16 million comments written to patients using an online health community. This information can help people gain a better understanding of how patients, family, and friends interact in an online setting. During the summer before eleventh grade, she had the opportunity to work in a spatial computing lab on a project aiming to use aerial imagery to identify the genera of trees on the individual tree level. Mapping tree genera can help lead to more effective urban forest management practices. Outside of research, Abigail enjoys playing tennis and violin, and volunteering with Special Olympics. Abigail looks forward to continuing her education in programming languages and plans to pursue a career that uses computer science and technology to provide solutions to pressing issues in the community and world.