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Alex is a bright, intelligent student who loves to know how things work. She enjoys math and her energy technologies class as well as her manufacturing class. She is the president of her robotics team at her school and has been the designer since her freshman year and has now taken up being the programmer for her senior year. Alex has 4 years of experience with CADD and is a certified Mechanical Designer with Solidworks. She uses these skills to design robots for her team and solve real world problems in her community. Alex has been awarded the State winner in the Samsung that Solves competition for her innovative designed IV clip and is the project lead in Nevada's first Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam for her cigarette filter device. Alex is an intern at a local non-profit organization working to make a more sustainable economy and planet by teaching students how to live an environmentally sustainable life. Alex has also started a Girls Who Code club at her school to empower young women like herself to go into STEM fields and close the gender gap. In the future, she would like to go into Environmental engineering at a 4 year college. Alex wants to use her passion for making designs in Computer aided drafting softwares and manufacture sustainable products through robots with autonomous coding.