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Helena is the President and the Strategy Director of the international nonprofit organization coderGirls, created to educate and enable female K-12 students in computer science, making computer science not just about binary, but also about connecting code to community outreach and their passions, such as art, websites, or even hardware coding. Since the beginning, she has helped implement chapters and curriculum with 85 Girl Scout councils and over 350 schools. In doing so, coderGirls wants to create an impact, so the main focus is for their chapters to connect computer science to girls all around the world. coderGirls has over 43 chapters in over 10 countries, such as Bangladesh, Nepal, Ukraine, Philippines, and in various states, to educate and empower girls through their curriculum of Python With EarSketch to Make Music, MITAppInventor to Create Apps, JavaScript to Animate, Scratch to Draw & Animate, HTML & CSS to Make A Website, and C++ For Hardware Coding. The organization is partnered with National Center for Women and Information Technology, White House’s CSForAll, Let’s Start Coding, and more. Together, they have an impact on 900 organizations, 30 states, and the potential to impact 100% of U.S. girls. At the moment, coderGirls is working with the National Girl Scouts of America for their courses to be used in Girl Scout’s computer science curriculum and to create a coding badge. coderGirls’ efforts together has a potential impact on 24 million girls. Helena has additionally created BioBlast, an educational app dedicated to enriching knowledge in biology by using videos, simulations, games, and outlines. The simulations are visual elements of what happens in processes in different organisms, such as, cells in the body and photosynthesis. To help with memorization, there are quizzes and flashcards for every unit. BioBlast’s purpose is to help low-income students get the resources they need to succeed in school and to have a motivated community surrounding STEM. BioBlast won the University of Michigan’s Startup High School Competition as a semifinalist. Another app Helena has created is Hurric-Aid, an app dedicated to alerting people about nearby hurricanes and providing information about the hurricane, notifying civilians of where available resources needed are and general information on hurricanes such as how to prepare and what to do if stuck in a dangerous situation. The app also has a text safety feature, so friends and family will be able to know if you’re safe, and vice versa. Yet another app Helena has created is Collegiate, an app devoted to helping students become more productive through a free, easy to use, and all-in-one app that is able to keep track of assignments and their due dates, test dates, pictures and links of assignments, and more. Collegiate allows students all over the world to be highly organized and to work more efficiently, making the most out of education and providing for a more productive you! Helena has not only focused on using her coding knowledge to create apps to help society, she has also used such knowledge to help her community through math! She is the organizer of a community outreach program that provides two 4-week intensive free summer camps for Alachua County. The camps are open to elementary and middle schoolers in Alachua County, and are 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 4 weeks. Not only does Helena put 160 hours of her summer to spreading her knowledge of math to these kids, she also applies her coding and database skills to create spreadsheets keeping track of the students and their parents contact information, evaluations of the kids, and lesson plans and agenda details every day. She additionally has created an immense database as another outreach program that functions throughout the school year, committed to help low end socioeconomic schools in Alachua County. These databases store the results of the Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS), a worldwide non-profit math competition of the students in her county. These databases Helena has created are used to assist in the Superintendent’s Challenge, a non-profit math competition hosted by Helena’s math team held to encourage and promote math within Alachua County and beyond. Helena has also created a video, Shape of Circles, using iMovie and other tools, devoted to teaching students about circles in a fun, informative way. Her video was placed 5th in the nation for the Mathematical Minutes Video Contest. In the future, Helena wishes to attend college, studying computing and majoring in computer science.