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Hazel has been programming most of her life. In 8th grade, she tested out of AP Computer Science with a 5 and enrolled in Projects in Computer Science as a freshman—the youngest person in her school’s history. She enjoyed working with her team to build a puzzle-solving platformer game. Last summer, she worked for a research group at Caltech, which maintains SBML, the industry standard for biological modelling on computers. There, she built a website to track tools which use SBML to make them easier to find. Her tool will be released later this year. In addition, she took Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute’s residential “Artificial Intelligence for Robots” class, where she developed an autonomous navigation program for small robots. Two summers ago, she interned at FlowPlay, a game company building social, virtual worlds. There, she built server-side tools, which included completely revamping the company’s email software and cleaning up the way the servers handled errors. Her tools are still in daily use by a team of more than 60 people. She currently is a programming co-captain of Garfield’s FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team. Her team is entirely student-led, so she teaches, organizes, resolves conflicts, and programs. Last year, she took her team to the Houston World Championships, which only 2.5% of teams qualify for. Hazel has won CodeDay Seattle’s Best Overall Project for her team’s creation of a new programming language called TommyScript in 24 hours. She is also a teacher with Seattle CoderDojo, teaching Python to new students. Hazel hopes to go to an engineering college and major in computer programming. After, she plans to get an MBA and use her understanding of computing to help make people’s lives better and get more girls interested in STEM!