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Mackenzie is a smart, young, advanced student. She has a great background and has traveled all over the world and to countries like the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. She now attends Mt. Edgecumbe High School where she is taking advanced classes, one of which being Intro to Engineering and Robotics. She had first discovered her liking for coding in her Intro to Engineering and Robotics class. With Mackenzie's new found liking to coding, she is taking a class that is in partnership with UCSD, where she works with the programs MATLAB, and Triton. Not too long ago she came across with a problem in the programs and contacted the people she is in partnership with to help. At the end of fixing the problem, her mentor told her that he was genuinely surprised that they had a whole conversation about the programming because most 3 year students in college would have ended up lost. Mackenzie is planning on attending college right out of high school. She plans on getting her prerequisites done at UAA and then transferring to a medical school out of state.