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Alex's interest in computer science first started in middle school when there was a two-day coding seminar. When she wanted to pursue this new passion of hers, she realized that there were no computer science or computer programming elective in her school. So, she worked with the principal in order to create one. She then encouraged other girls in her grade to join it. She took an AP computer science in sophomore year and designed an app that targets 3rd graders and their challenges in math yet still make the learning enjoyable. Her division video game was chosen for first place by the third-grade audience. As a junior, she enrolled in AP Java and volunteered to teach coding to a Title One public school. In the future, she hopes to take more computer science-based classes and camps. She is also planning on going to a computer science-based college, so she can further her knowledge and keep doing what she enjoys. Alex plans to pursue a profession in computer science or computer programming.