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Alyah is a senior in high school who has 2 jobs and still manages to challenge herself in school. She is apart of Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, and Spanish Honor Society and has completed up to Spanish 4, along with all her others classes, with straight A’s. Alyah constantly gets weekly top design in her Photoshop class and plans to use her skills in designing advertisements for her job. She attends to as many clubs and extracurricular activities as she can and hosts a Vietnam booth to represent her culture every year at the World Fair. Alyah plans to move out and go to college at Auburn University while providing for herself without her any assistance from her parents at the same time. She will be the first member of her family to go to college and that inspires her with determination to succeed so that one day she will be able to pay her parents back for all the hard work and sacrifices they make on a daily basis to provide for her so that she can have all the opportunities her parents didn't have. Her plans are to major in business and minor in Spanish so that she can start her own business in the future and be able to communicate with those who are not able to speak English well. This is very important to her because a majority of her family can only speak Vietnamese so she sympathizes and understands through experience how difficult it is for them to try to communicate with others. She also plans to study abroad in Spain to experience different cultures and and better her speech as well.