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Alexis has many aspirations for her future, with a career in computing and technology being just two of them. She is currently involved in an academy at Lanier High School known as the Center for Design & Technology (CDAT). This academy is heavily male-dominated, but that has not stopped her from pursuing her passions. Alexis is working with other girls in her school to create a program for middle school girls that allows them to explore computing and technology-based fields. Alexis is the Lead Sponsor Outreach Director for Robotics, which allows her to speak with important individuals or even to hundreds of individuals about her experience in CDAT and Robotics. She works hard to make sure her voice is heard and does so by showing effective leadership skills, determination, and confidence. She has taken leadership positions not only in her school, but also in the city. She is a City of Sugar Hill Youth Council Member, serving as a voice for the youth in her town. Being a positive force of inspiration is all she could hope to be and more as she strives to make a difference in the world.