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Shefali is a junior at West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South and an aspiring CS and business double major. At first she was reluctant towards the idea of programming but after her brother introduced her to the world of Java, she saw the endless possibilities coding has to offer. She has completed two of the three Computer Science courses offered at her school (including AP CS) and is currently taking Advanced Topics in Computer Science, which includes learning about different data structures and other key computing knowledge. Over her high school years, Shefali’s technological experience has increased significantly and it includes exploring robotics and making games through Unity. Her goal is to eventually venture in artificial intelligence and Machine learning. In addition, she wants to help reduce the gender gap in the STEM community, especially in the technology department where women are underrepresented. Outside of programming, Shefali is on the girl’s varsity swim team, part of her high school’s tutoring desk, and is a regional director of the national club coderGirls. Through this club she hopes to inspire young girls to pursue a future in STEM fields by teaching them about programming. Shefali hopes to use her CS skills to make a difference in the world by helping to create and improve technology that would assist people with disabilities or aide in finding solutions to the world’s problems. There is an endless amount of possibilities in computer science and Shefali wants to be able to use her skills to contribute to society as well as become a role model for women wishing to pursue a career in computing.