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My name is Kaya Jones, I am currently in the 11th grade enrolled at Memphis East T-STEM Academy. Before attending East High, I attended Woodland Presbyterian School from 1st to 8th grade. 7th grade was the year that the world changed for me to look at things in a different perspective. In the seventh grade, computer science was my favorite class mainly because we got to go on our laptops all class and talk tech and sports. My computer teacher, Mr. Hinote introduced me to HTML. I was readily intrigued by this topic that we covered because It was interesting that all you need is a text editor and some creativity to create a simple program. I got to work on our assignment it was to create a website. Nights and even weekends I would work on my assignment. I created a web page for my favorite basketball team the Golden State Warriors. The website wasn’t really nothing when I look back on it now but I became more and more into it. After we finished the segment our websites were put into a contest, and I won 1st place.  The prize was Memphis Grizzlies tickets. We never went over any other type of coding languages after that. I was determined to learn more and grow in coding. But there weren’t really any options that I could go to for help because nobody that I knew was experienced in computer programming.  So, the only option left was to learn by myself. The only place that I knew that would help me was the beautiful internet GOOGLE.  I began self-teaching and learning coding languages by watching YouTube videos. Currently, I am learning Python ,Java, Swift, and Objective to help me create programs that I am going to develop in the future.Over the past summers I have been working on a block chain based application that facilitates the transfer of dietetic supplies. I plan to go to many internships in the future.  My desire is to become a CEO of my own Software Company. My goal is to create a software that would change the world and I am currently working on that. Right now the colleges on my list are Vanderbilt, Memphis, Rochester institute of Technology, Rhodes, Lipscomb, and MIT.