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Isabela is the founding member and Associative director of the Tres Hermanos Foundation, as well as Vice President of her school's National Art Honor Society, President of her school's Diversity Council, President of her school's Ambassadors program, and Captain of her school's Varsity Swim team. Isabela has also attended a summer program at Oxford University, in England, for economics, and a summer program at Columbia University in New York, for programming in the C language. She enjoys programming, photography, and politics/government. Isabela would like to attend college to study computer programming as a major and political science as a minor, with some elective courses in photography. She would want to explore projects involving cybersecurity, as well as other government-related programming projects. She is currently writing a thesis and creating a website on whether the laws against cyber crime diminish its activity and how it can be prevented, for her Advanced Research in Computer Science class. She hopes this website and thesis paper will help people garner a further understanding into the reasoning behind cyber crime and how they can remain informed and safe internet users. Her future goals are to work in a government agency, in the programming field or work in a sizable technology-based company.