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Alexandra is a senior at North Lincoln High School. She has a very busy life and a packed schedule, which includes AP European History, AP BC Calc, and Introduction to Computers and Art at Gaston online. Alexandra has had many accomplishments. She has founded a Girls Who Code program at her high school and teaches girls how to create apps and use coding in ways they never knew. She also helps middle school girls, at another local school, learn how to code and create apps. Alexandra has helped at many hour of code events, teaching kids from all ages the basics of coding. Alexandra was introduced to computer science her freshman year and has loved it ever since. She has taken many classes in the STEM field over her high school year. Her favorite classes were robotics and AP CSP. Alexandra is going to take STEM classes in college and major in Computer Science. She knows how to code in Javascript very well, and loves creating applications. Alexandra has a lot of hobbies, including baking, painting, and doing gymnastics.